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Digital recruitment solutions for clinical trials

Hundreds of clinical teams have used Honeybee to source, recruit, screen and manage vetted clinical trial participants from a massive network of digital channels and health partners


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A collaborative clinical trial recruitment platform

Bringing together a large patient network and a suite of tools to optimize clinical trial recruitment

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Access a patient network

Access to a vetted patient network from our digital channels and health organizations.
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Try custom campaigns

Get IRB-friendly and custom-generated recruitment campaigns in less than 48 hours.
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Screen patients automatically

Leverage automatic patient screening and logic. You'll only get a list of pre-qualified candidates who meet your trial eligibility criteria.
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Customize the patient journey

Enrol and retain patients effectively using our patient modules and dedicated patient mobile app.
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Massive patient network

Reach a large network of vetted patients

Save marketing money and time. Our recruitment engine sources clinical trial patients from a massive network of digital channels and health partners so you can focus on running your clinical trial.

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Smart recruitment campaigns

Automate clinical trial recruitment marketing

Offload the headache of marketing. Our automatic campaign generator gives you enticing and inclusive patient recruitment campaigns in just 48 hours. This includes matching digital ads and landing pages that are dynamic and constantly learning to help you find the best way to reach your target demographic so you never have to create your own again.

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Pre-qualified patient lists

Identify vetted patients efficiently & accurately

Focus your efforts on trial management. An easy-to-use form builder enables you to automate patient screening, ultimately reducing time, error and bias in the participant selection process, leading to high-quality, reliable study results.

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Collaborative patient management

Unlock the full potential of your clinical team

Simplify recruitment workflows across sponsors, CROs and clinical sites with a single platform that enables patient tracking, management hierarchy, permission controls and more!

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Decentralized clinical trial modules

Enrol and retain more patients with decentralized tools

Customized clinical trial modules to meet your unique clinical trial needs. Our web and mobile integrations suite streamlines chat, remote monitoring, in-home data collection, scheduling, reminders & periodic or lump sum remuneration.

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"Their team was genuinely invested in ensuring that our recruitment efforts are optimized."
Vesna Spudic
Recruitment Manager at Cliantha Research

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“Honeybee got us a 0 to 60 "patients-enrolled" time that would make a Tesla jealous."”
Atray Dixit
CEO at Coral Genomics