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one clinical trial at a time

Historically, 90% of clinical trials are delayed and 30% are terminated due to challenges with patient enrolment. The disparity in clinical data is jarring, as 99.99% of the global population is under-represented in the research that drives health advancements in our communities.

At Honeybee, we believe that the solution starts with giving clinical teams the toolset to improve the patient's clinical trial journey. We're building data-driven software to change the way patients discover, enrol, onboard and participate in clinical trials. We're driving higher participation rates, greater diversity and lower attrition in trials to bring health products & services to market faster than ever before.

Why choose Honeybee?

Honeybee was built by clinical researchers, digital health engineers & recruitment marketing experts to bring researchers a suite of tools to streamline patient journey.

Patient-First Mindset

We believe in that a patient-first strategy helps clinical teams achieve the best health outcomes in clinical trials.

Modern & Data-Driven

With a combination of data-driven software and a team of clinical experts, we work with fast turnaround times and drive results.

Mission-Driven Team

We're proud of our impact on clinical trials and will continue to build the future of healthcare.

Connecting patients and clinical teams
to accelerate health research

We work with the best clinical teams from international life science companies, hospitals and research institutions to expedite clinical research by providing a quality suite of tools to bring patients and researchers closer together.

See what clinical teams are saying

Reliable & Attentive

"Their team is genuinely invested in ensuring that our recruitment efforts are optimized."
Vesna Spudic
Recruitment Manager at Cliantha Research

Very Communicative!

“They got us up and running with a 0 to 60 (patients enrolled) time that would make a Tesla jealous."”
Atray Dixit
CEO at Coral Genomics

"I can gain such wonderful insights from the researchers here!"

Easy To Use!


"This is an amazing app! Very user friendly. It feels like this app was created to actually help people!"

Amazing App!


"Honeybee has helped me to know I'm not alone and research is ongoing."

Reputable & Helpful!

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For the first time, participants are empowered to take charge of their health through clinical trial participation.

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